Routerlogin – Netgear routerlogin setup using

Routerlogin not working? Follow these simple steps in order to setup your router.

Steps to setup and login the Netgear router using routerlogin are as follows:

  • Firstly, connect your router and modem using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that the Ethernet port is used to connect in the router. Now, connect the LAN port of the desktop to your router using another Ethernet cable.
  • Then, reboot all the devices by turning them off and then on again after a while. Wait for all the devices to finish booting up.
  • Now, open an internet browser and type or in the address bar. The router admin panel will appear.
    Earlier, the users had to enter default IP addresses which used to be or This has now been changed to or to make it easier on the user.
netgear router setup routerlogin
  • Simply type in the default username and password when asked. The default username and password are provided at the back of the router. They are usually “admin” and “password” respectively.
    Take note: They are both case sensitive.
  • If the username and password is not being accepted by the Smart Wizard (routerlogin admin page), then the details might have been changed before. In that case, try any previously set passwords or reset the router. The steps to reset Netgear router will be provided later in this blog.
  • Furthermore, click on the Setup Wizard when it appears. Now, the user will have successfully logged in to their router. Click the Setup Wizard and the screen will display. Click Yes and proceed.
  • Finally, the Setup Wizard will try to detect the IP of the router. For most of the Netgear routers, the default IP address is Dynamic IP.
  • If the user wishes to check the internet status, select Router Status under Maintenance.

Additionally, if the user is not able to login using or, read on to see the troubleshooting steps to gain access to the Netgear router.

How to reset Netgear router? (Troubleshooting steps to reset Netgear router)

If the user wishes to reset the Netgear router, simply follow the troubleshooting steps to restore the router to its factory default settings.

  • The Reset button is located at the back of the router. It might be inside a small hole so you would need a safety pin or a paper clip to press it.
  • Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. The LED lights at the front of the router will start blinking.
netgear router reset
  • Once the LED light settles and becomes green/white in color, the Netgear router will be restored back to its factory default settings successfully.

In conclusion: Once the router resets, the personalized settings of the router will be removed. The user will have to setup and configure their router from its settings. To see how to setup and login to the Netgear router, kindly refer to How to setup Netgear router?

How to change the username and password for Netgear router using routerlogin? Netgear username and password change troubleshooting steps:

Firstly, the user has to go to to gain access to their router settings. From there, the user can simply enter the default username and password to easily gain access without any problems. But for security purposes, the user must change the default username and password to improve the security of their network.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to change the default username and password for Netgear router using routerlogin.

  • First of all, launch an internet browser and type in in the address bar.
  • Once the user successfully logs in to the router, a pop up window will display asking the user for the default username and password.
    The default username is admin and the default password is password. If the user is unable to gain access to their Netgear router’s admin login page, kindly refer to the Troubleshooting steps to Reset Netgear router mentioned above.
  • After successfully logging in to the router, the Basic Home page will display.
  • After that, select the ADVANCED option.
change username password routerlogin
  • Click the Administration option. Then, go to the Set Password option to change the username and password for the Netgear router.
  • If the user is setting up the username and password for the first time, type in the old username and password once. Then, type in the new password twice.
    If the user has changed the password once before, follow the same steps but make sure that you type in the same password you used before otherwise the user will have to reset the router again.
  • Furthermore, make sure to enable the Enable Password Recovery option to make sure that if the user ever forgets the old password, recovery is a viable option.
  • At last, click Apply to ensure that the changes are saved.

To conclude: Take note that once the username and password changes, the user will have to reconnect all their devices again using the new username and password.


  • Do not share the new username and password with everyone except the people you trust as it can compromise the security of the network.
  • Likewise, make sure to remember and secure the new username and password to ensure that the user does not forget the information in the future.

How to update the firmware of the Netgear router using routerlogin? (Troubleshooting steps to update the firmware of the Netgear router)

The user can check whether the firmware of the router is up to date using the admin login window itself. If you visit, you might see a message being displayed at the top of the screen informing the user to update the firmware of the router, that is, if the firmware of the router hasn’t been updated or is out of date from some time.

Here are the steps to update the firmware of the Netgear router using routerlogin:

  • Firstly, open any internet browser. Make sure that the device is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable. It is recommended that the router is connected to the device using an Ethernet cable to ensure that there is no chance for corruption.
  • After that, in the address bar of the internet browser, type and press enter. The router’s admin login window will display.
  • Enter the default username and password in the respective fields. The default username is admin and the password is password for most of the Netgear routers. Both the default credentials will be case sensitive.
netgear firmware update
  • Furthermore, when the admin login page appears, click the ADVANCED option. Then, select the Administration or Settings option. This option may vary for different router models.
  • Now, select the Firmware Update or Router Update option.
  • Finally, click the Check option. The router will then search for any pending router firmware updates.
  • To summarize, if a firmware update is available, click Yes. The firmware will then update.

To conclude: Once the router starts updating its firmware, it should not be removed from its power source. Also, do not cancel the firmware update while its updating as it might corrupt the firmware.

Once the firmware has been completely updated, the router will restart itself so that the changes can take effect. The whole process usually takes only 3-5 minutes to complete.


Do not interrupt the firmware update process as it may damage the firmware of the router and may even render the router useless. For example, do not close the browser window or turn off the device. It might damage the router and might even corrupt the firmware of the Netgear router.

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