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How to change Wi-Fi password using or Netgear R7500-200NAS Nighthawk X4 Router [Solved]

It is highly recommended that the user changes the default username and password for their router as the default information is provided online for ease of access regarding the initial login for all the users. The user can simply login to Netgear admin GUI using the default IP address i.e. or Any unauthorized user can access the user’s network without their permission using the default credentials. After that, the user must update the firmware for their router if there are any updates available. The Netgear Genie notifies the user regarding the updates. The firmware is basically the Operating Software of the router. It helps orchestrates all the functions within the hardware of the router.

Netgear password reset not working?Netgear R7500-200NAS Nighthawk X4 Router [Solved]

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:
  • Firstly, open any internet browser and type in the address bar. Press enter.
  • The admin login page will appear. There, the user will be prompted to enter the default information regarding their Netgear router.
  • The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password” for most of the Netgear routers. On the other hand, it may vary for some routers. The username and password will be case sensitive.
  • Once the user successfully enters the router’s dashboard, the user will see the configurations page of IP address.
  • On the System Status, the user will see the Network Name (SSID) and the Network Key (passphrase) options with the respective fields provided below them.
  • Then, enter the new desired username and password within the respective fields to change the default username and password.
  • Finally, click Save to implement the changes made.

In sum, the user can reconnect all their devices using the new username and password using the default IP address i.e.

Troubleshooting steps to reset the Netgear R7500-200NAS Nighthawk X4 Router:

  • Firstly, the reset button is located at the back of the router within a very small hole to prevent any accidental reset.
  • Then, using a paper clip, press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds. Release the reset button after ten seconds.
  • Once the power light becomes green/white and stable, the router will have been restored back to its factory default settings.

Conclusion: Once the router has been reset, all the personalized settings of the user will also get reset. This process cannot be reversed once the router has been reset.

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